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Sup Dogs Restaurant

This extraordinary restaurant renovation has literally reshaped East Franklin St. Our client hoped to turn a dull storefront restaurant space into a lively, bright space that would become a iconic destination for UNC students. To accomplish this, the space was completely stripped of all wall, floor, and ceiling finishes, in preparation of their rebirth. The 100 year old brick walls were exposed, the original wood roof structure was unveiled and the front of the building was recessed to allow for outdoor dining. Bright metal and glass contrast against the original finishes, creating a sleek, modern space, nested in the vintage architectural structure. Cypress paneling and maple furniture soften the space, where many will enjoy food and fun with their friends. A modern commercial kitchen was provided, offering all the finest technology in cooking, refrigeration, and food preparation. Among our favorite projects to complete, Sup Dogs Restaurant will also be on the list of our favorite places to dine!

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